Lt Col Richard Annesley West VC

Related imageRichard Annesley West was born at 1 Oxford Street, Cheltenham on 26th September 1878. He was married to comedy actress Maude Aston (real name Cushing, aunt of the actor Peter Cushing) who he met in South Africa after joining the Army to serve in the Boer war. During WW1 West earned a number of medals for gallantry including a DSO and Military Cross. He became an acting major in the Tank Corps on January 18, 1918 and was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross for his outstanding gallantry on August 21 and again on September 2, when he died on the battlefield. © IWM (detail of VC 1291)

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Captain Arthur Forbes Gordon Kilby VC

VCArthurForbesGordonKilby.jpgArthur Kilby was my maternal grandmother’s first cousin. Laura Herbert nee Kilby was also born in 1879 at East Hayes, Pitville Circus Road, Cheltenham. She was close to Arthur Kilby and had spent some of her childhood in the same household as he did. Capt Kilby gave my mother a copy of  “At the back of the North Wind” by George MacDonald, and in the frontispiece she has pasted a copy of the newspaper cutting from 31 March 1916 with the details of his bravery for which Capt Kilby was awarded the VC. (Photo submitted by Franklyncards) Continue reading “Captain Arthur Forbes Gordon Kilby VC”

War Memorials of Cheltenham and Our Twinned Towns

An audio visual presentation was created for Cheltenham Borough Council by Cheltenham Camera Club to commemorate World War One with images from Cheltenham, Annecy, Goettingen and Cheltenham, Pennsylvania. Delegations from Goettingen and Annecy attended the launch of the film, and also a centenary concert at the town hall.

Cheltenham’s Wooden Trench Crosses

This Article first appeared in Our Town the newsletter of Cheltenham Civic Society by Freddie Gick

Visitors to Bouncers Lane cemetery pass close by a group of modest crosses just inside the entrance. You may not even have noticed them. But they are a powerful reminder of the town’s sacrifices in the First World War. Continue reading “Cheltenham’s Wooden Trench Crosses”