Cheltenham at War.


This page is intended to explore the contribution Cheltonians made across the globe during the First World War and also to tell the stories of how the war affected the whole community of Cheltenham, leaving lasting changes to our society. Articles have been written by various contributors. We will be adding to this page over the next five years and welcome any information, photos or stories you would like to share with us about Cheltenham during WW1.

Women’s War

Women made a huge contribution to the war effort. Read about some amazing Cheltonian women and discover how roles and expectations of women were changed by WW1.

Band of Brothers

Discover the stories of the Cheltonian servicemen and women who served, died or were wounded during the first world war.

Home Front

Find out about life in Cheltenham during WW1. Read about the efforts made to keep the nation fed despite food and coal shortages and the role children played.


Find out about the history of Cheltenham’s War Memorial, visit our map plotting war memorials around the town and discover events taking place to remember WW1.

Aviation in Cheltenham

The First World War prompted the development of the aviation industry in Cheltenham and lead to the formation of the Royal Air Force in 1918. Learn more and watch a video created by the RAF Association.

VAD Hospitals

Read more about the Voluntary Aid Detachment hospitals in Cheltenham during the First World War, discover the stories of Red Cross nurses, patients and volunteers.

Seafaring Servicemen

Learn about the Cheltonians who served with the Navy during the First World War. Several Cheltonians lost their lives at sea and some sailors were retrained as soldiers and fought in the trenches as naval brigades.