Cheltenham Children Celebrate VE Day 75!

Click below to explore our image gallery showing decorations, creations and writing by local children. Thank you to all the schools and families who have taken part.

Naunton Park Primary School

St John’s Primary School

St Mark’s C of E Junior School

Gardener’s Lane School

Oakwood School

Jessica and her brother Nathan interview their Grampy about life during WW2.

Warden Hill Year 5 pupils

Peace Posters

VE Day inspired – Diaries

VE Day inspired – Menus

3 thoughts on “Cheltenham Children Celebrate VE Day 75!

  1. Mum told me today about the bonfire midway along Brunswick Street on VE Day. Regrets not seeing any photos around. Are there any photos out there?

    1. Hi Ian, When libraries reopen you could visit the local history library in Cheltenham and access the newspapers and images they have in their collection. There are definitely images of Brunswick Street after it was bombed taken by the Echo (ask for photo Box N at Cheltenham library)or you can ask a member of staff to show you how to access the newspapers that were printed in the week of VE Day 1945.Best of luck with your research! Cheltenham Remembers Team

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