This page is intended as a resource that will allow you to explore and learn about the history of Cheltenham during WW1 in more detail. The main feature is a downloadable Key Stage 3 teaching pack created by Cheltenham Ladies’ College; which includes lesson plans, work sheets and slideshow presentations. You can also view newly digitised items from the Ladies’ College archives in the gallery below and download indexes and guides to aid research about local servicemen and VAD hospital patients.

 Teaching Pack

Aimed at Key Stage 3 students, this teaching pack has been produced by the Cheltenham Ladies’ College History Department and Archives Service to illustrate the female contribution to the WWI war effort both on the home front and the front line. Using examples from sources held by the CLC Archives, it consists of four lesson plans, two of which also focus on the lasting effects the war had on female emancipation and increased participation of women in the work place.

Full copies of the resources used as examples will also be available for download in the Resource Gallery below.


Cheltenham Ladies’ College WW1 Archive .

Click on an image and then click the i logo to view captions. Use the arrows to move forward and backwards between images. All images are (C) Cheltenham Ladies’ College. You can also visit our WW1 Library to view scanned books from the College Archives. 

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Additional Resources.

Military Service Appeal Tribunals.

You could appeal against being conscripted into the armed forces. Click below to see an index of some of the Cheltenham men who appealed. Usually this was on the grounds of hardship, work of national importance, health or conscientious objection.


Cheltenham Council Minutes 1914-1921.

Discover what was happening in Cheltenham during the First World War and up to 1921 when the war memorial was unveiled. A new transcription of the council minute book now allows you to fully search the text.


Cheltenham VAD Hospital Admissions.

The names of some men being admitted to the local Voluntary Aid Detachment Hospitals were printed in the local papers. They came to Cheltenham from all over the UK and in some cases from other countries like Belgium and Australia.


1918 Naval & Military Voters.

The 1918 electoral register gives details of most of the men from Cheltenham who were undertaking naval or military service. This index provides their names and addresses so you can discover who served in your street.