Prestbury Remembers WW1

Read about some of the men listed on the Prestbury war memorial in this free Memorial Trail eBook by Rebecca Sillence. Prestbury lost more than 40 men during the First World War and many of them lived or worked in the Cheltenham area. This booklet guides you on a loop of the village where you will pass many of the houses where servicemen and their families lived. You can also read about life in the village for those left behind and the Racecourse VAD Hospital. Prestbury Remembers WW1

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  1. I can provide you with the story of Arthur Inglis’ life, both prior to joining the Army in 1901 and his service with the Glosters, if Africa and with the Tanks, if you would wish to add further details.

    1. Hi Stephen, many thanks for getting in touch. We will be posting a story of Arthur McCullock Inglis in April/May as we approach the centenary of his death. If you spot any missing information or errors we will be pleased to make amendments. Best Wishes, Cheltenham Remembers Team

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